About Us - Shop Sandouk

"Sandouk" in Arabic means (Treasures' Chest)

Shop Sandouk was created in 2016, we have many loyal friends & customers from all around the world who either live in Luxor or visit us when on holiday to enjoy some relaxing conversation while sipping a cup of refreshing Egyptian tea in the shade of our shops lovely terrace surrounded by the wonderful handcrafted and Vintage items we stock .
Shop Sandouk is now available online at our website find us at Shopsandouk.com
We are now able to sell and ship our collection of Handcrafted, Vintage and locally made items to you worldwide –
Truly we hope you will enjoy what we have carefully put together on the website, it has been our aim to give you a great shopping experience!
Our online shop was created for the pleasure of shopping from the comfort of your home and to share with you our philosophy of bringing our customers quality, beauty and art.
If you cannot be here in Luxor to visit us personally then we hope you will very much enjoy browsing shopsandouk.com
Our joy is to bring things of style, art and beauty to our friends & customers worldwide.
Please feel free to share our website with your friends and don’t hesitate to contact us for any information you may require.
Also we welcome any comments and thoughts about the website that you would like to share with us
Our love, respect and appreciation goes out to all Shop Sandouk friends and customers worldwide !

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