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Created in 2016, Shop Sandouk, which translates literally to ‘Treasure Chest’, has become a social hub for guests from all over the world, who return regularly to enjoy the best of local culture, company, tea and Handcrafts!

If you’d love a taste of Shop Sandouk but can’t make it to Luxor you do not need to miss out on these beautiful home wares and apparel. Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of Egyptian Art and Culture, with high quality Fairtrade Handicrafts lovingly created by local artisans from Luxor and other Egyptian villages. They are carefully curated by Shop Sandouk’s owner Khaled who has a keen eye for detail and real sense of quality.

For those who enjoy uniqueness and the highest quality you will find one-off handcrafted items and antiques at very reasonable prices. For those on a slimmer budget who would love to enjoy a beautiful memento  from Egypt there is a wide selection of quality moulded resin home wares and gifts for you to enjoy.

Just some of the treasures you will find at Shop Sandouk:

  • Colourful hand-woven shawls from Naqada
  • Handcarved limestone Pharaonic themed plaques from Luxor
  • Intricately decorated brass lamps, plates, mirrors and more from all over Egypt.
  • Richly textured hand-woven woollen rugs from Fawa.
  • Stunning alabaster lamp shades, bowls, ashtrays and more from Luxor

You will find all this and so much more, with a visual feast for the senses on every web page.

And if you are ever in Luxor please pop in say hello!

At Shop Sandouk you are always welcome as a guest and as a friend.


With a growing reputation as THE place to be in Luxor, Shop Sandouk is proudly recommended by Trip Advisor (2022 Travellers’ Choice), Marco Polo, Lonely Planet, Baedeker Agypten, Google Reviews (5 star), Facebook Reviews (5 star) and Le Routard.



Our commitment to our valued friends and customers includes offering a wide variety of exchange to suit your needs. Currently we accept cash, credit cards, oil, seeds and goats… actually we are still deciding on whether to take live goats as they are difficult to transport and tend to mess up the warehouse.  But if you can figure out a way to send oil or seeds to Egypt then let’s talk… 😉


You can enjoy a taste of Egypt’s best delivered straight to your door. Shop Sandouk offers safe and secure delivery to most countries worldwide.


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